4 December 2012

The setup used on 4 December 2012 is shown in the picture below.


The cars used during this session were a Peugeot 208, a Citroen Saxo, a Fiat Panda and a Fiat Punto. Unfortunately for the Peugeot we haven't any transit recorded with the Prosilica 750, while only few of those taken with the Prosilica 1020 are usable: for four we couldn't get a reliable timestamp by means of local solar time, while other are simply missing. As shown by this file, only six transits are usable.

Regarding the Citroen Saxo, we started recording with the Prosilica 750 camera only from the tenth passage, but the video are recorded are of good quality. On the other hand, with the Prosilica 1020 camera we recorded every transit, but only very few are usable, because the others are severely overexposed (see picture below). In such conditions detecting a white car can bee quite hard. This problem persists for the video of the Fiat Panda too, however for that car, we managed to record with good quality every passage with the Prosilica 750 camera.


With the Fiat Punto there hasn't been any problem and we have good videos taken with both cameras.

The results videos, the setup picture and the extrinsic parameters of the cameras can be downloaded from here.