5 December 2012

The setup used on 5 December 2012 is shown in the picture below.


The cars used during this session are a Citroen Xsara, a Peugeot 307 and an Alfa Romeo 159. Unfortunatly, for the first car we haven't any usable video. Regarding the Peugeot, we have recorded every transit with the Prosilica 1020 camera, while we only have videos taken with the Prosilica 750 camera from the eleventh passage on

We have recorded every transit of the Alfa Romeo with both camera, but those taken with the Prosilica 1020 are very blurry because the camera was really close to the instrumented gate (see picture below), while those taken with the Prosilica 750 are a little dark (however this can be fixed increasing the brightness of the video).