3D mapping of campus areas, June 2014

Project page for the short stage of:

  • Bonani Riccardo,
  • Fontanesi Stefano,
  • Mira Matteo,
  • Misitano Alberto,
  • Presti Giulio.

Day 1
Presti Giulio: Today we met our tutors and looked them while they were making and testing the robot which we will have to use to scan the building. Then we took part in a security lesson. We return to the main building and learned how does the laser work. Then we made our accounts.
Mira Matteo: It isn't always easy to begin a new experience, but i will play hard. Today we have mainly collect instructions. Dr. Furlan taught us the functioning of ICP and GICP, then we have attended the very interesting lesson about security. Now we are working at the robots but there are some problems.

Day 2
Mira Matteo: Today was a good day. We finished working at the robot, but it still doesn't work perfectly. We've started scanning the rooms around the lab, and at first it was fine, but then we've had some problem with the alignment of the clouds.

1st Week Report
Misitano Alberto: In these first four days we have been working for a project of robotics, which consists in a 3D planimetry of Biccoca University's building; we helped our advisors in setting up the robot and we did the scans with it. I think it is a very instructive experience which helps us how to manage with working.