What functionalities a software platform for supporting research labs. should have

  • login with CAS or other single-cyberpersonality system
  • software repository with version control system, preferably selectable (git would be ok);
  • issue / bug / activity tracker;
  • time tracking facility;
  • project-based not-so-public access wiki
  • repository of documents &/or files
  • support for drawing gantt charts and editing the details of each activity
  • well-supported cbms system for the development of the public web-presence of the lab.
  • free, at least for educational users
  • customizable access rights to the pages of the public web
  • customizable access rights to the pages of the internal wiki

as we could not find a single solution for satisfying all the requirements, our current solution in built about two platforms: wordpress, for the "static web presence of the lab", and redmine, for the other tasks (software versioning, issue tracker, gantt charting, project wikies). for the time being we have an unsolved issue, which is about the publication list of people working in the lab. for the time being we are not managing the duplicate publications the come from the single-person queries presented to the university publcation management system, aka boa.