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Our company, Azorean, is developing Ziphius - the first app-controlled aquatic drone( Through a mobile-app you can control the drone movements and behaviors as well as play augmented reality games based on the images collected by its camera.

We are currently looking for a talented hacker who, like us, is obsessed with making great apps for aquatic gadgets and robots.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you so please send email at

Cristina Gouveia

PS - We are currently located in Lisbon

Applicants should have a strong analytical background, good programming skills and hold a relevant degree (e.g. in Computer Science or Engineering).

Good knowledge on C# and unity are crucial and background on iOS, Android and HTML is desirable. Interests on computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence are a plus. A good level of spoken and written English is required.

We need someone who is passionate about programing but is also willing to manage a team of software developers. Mentoring and managing is important.

--- HOW TO APPLY ---
Applications should be sent via email ( and should include the following:
- A full CV
- A cover letter describing your background, qualifications, and aspirations for the future (max. 1-page in 10pt font size).
- Names and contact details of two referees.