Vaghi Matteo

I'm a student of Laurea Magistrale (master) in Informatica at Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca.

I can be reached at m[dot]vaghi9[at]campus[dot]unimib[dot]it

Activity performed while with iralab

  • CNN based feature descriptor for laser-to-image matching
    • tutor: Sorrenti Domenico Giorgio
    • advisor(s): Ballardini Augusto Luis, Cattaneo Daniele
    • work description: My thesis goal is to develop a CNN for processing point cloud and image data in order to perform localization task in the automonomous driving field. From a point cloud map an image is obtained with points projection on a 2D plane, that image represents a robot point of view given an estimated pose; afterward that pcl image is compared with a camera image (real robot point of view) in order to calculate pose estimation error and to correct it using the CNN developed.
    • from 5.03.2018