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I'm a PhD student at Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca.

I can be reached at daniele[dot]cattaneo[at]disco[dot]unimib[dot]it

Activity performed at iralab


  • Augusto Luis Ballardini, Daniele Cattaneo, Simone Fontana, Domenico Giorgio Sorrenti - Leveraging the OSM Building Data to Enhance Localization of an Urban Vehicle, IEEE ITSC 2016 Conference [link]. In this paper we present a technique that takes advantage of detected building fac ̧ades and OpenStreetMaps data to im- prove the localization of an autonomous vehicle driving in a urban scenario. The proposed approach leverages images from a stereo rig mounted on the vehicle to produce a mathematical representation of the buildings’ facades within the field of view. This representation is matched against the outlines of the surrounding buildings as they are available on OpenStreetMaps. The information is then fed into our probabilistic framework, called Road Layout Estimation, in order to produce an accurate lane-level localization of the vehicle. The experiments conducted on the well-known KITTI datasets prove the effectiveness of our approach
  • Augusto Luis Ballardini, Daniele Cattaneo, Simone Fontana, Domenico Giorgio Sorrenti - An Online Probabilistic Road Intersection Detector - Accepted for ICRA 2017 Conference
    In this paper we propose a probabilistic approach for detecting and classifying urban road intersections from a moving vehicle. The approach is based on images from an onboard stereo rig; it relies on the detection of the road ground plane on one side, and on a pixel-level classification of the road on the other. The two processing pipelines are then integrated and the parameters of the road components, i.e., the intersection geometry, are inferred. As opposed to other state-of-the-art offline methods, which require processing of the whole video sequence, our approach integrates the image data by means of an online procedure. The experiments have been performed on well-known KITTI datasets, allowing for future comparisons.  
  • A.L.Ballardini D.Cattaneo D.G.Sorrenti (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) and R.Izquierdo, I.Parra, M.A. Sotelo (Universidad de Alcalá) - Ego-Lane Estimation by Modeling Lanes and Sensor Failures Presented at ITSC 2017
    Abstract - In this paper we present a probabilistic lane-localization algorithm for highway-like scenarios designed to increase the accuracy of the vehicle localization estimate. The contribution relies on a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) with a transient failure model. The idea behind the proposed approach is to exploit the availability of OpenStreetMap road properties in order to reduce the localization uncertainties that would result from relying only on a noisy line detector, by leveraging consecutive, possibly incomplete, observations. The algorithm effectiveness is proven by employing a line detection algorithm and showing we could achieve a much more usable, i.e., stable and reliable, lane-localization over more than 100Km of highway scenarios, recorded both in Italy and Spain. Moreover, as we could not find a suitable dataset for a quantitative comparison of our results with other approaches, we collected datasets and manually annotated the Ground Truth about the vehicle ego-lane. Such datasets are made publicly available for usage from the scientific community. 
    Download presentation slides from here Ego-Lane Estimation by Modeling Lanes and Sensor Failures (Slides in PDF format) (141 downloads)

  • Public Datasets

Intersection Detector & Ground Truth

The following datasets are related to paper Online Road Probabilistic Intersection Detector presented to the IEEE ICRA2017 Conference